Meal Plan (Week of 11/28)

>Menu Plan Monday

I can not even describe how unmotivated I was to meal plan or make a grocery list I was this week. I can’t explain it but I hit a wall and had to really force myself through– now of all times we need to stay on budget so we can do all of the fun Christmas parties and gift giving we want to give and if I do not meal plan and we eat out that will blow any extra funds we have–so I just kept that in mind and plowed ahead.

Here is what the plan for this week is:


Judy’s Chicken

**Updated to add link–this was on the plan a few weeks ago and got scrapped (due to lack of shredded cheese after the boy folk of the house raided the fridge and made an entire bag of tortillas worth of quesadillas one afternoon for “a snack”) so I plan to make it and hopefully blog it for future links ;-)



Healthier Sloppy Joes with baked Fries and fruit


Smoked Sausage Au Gratin Skillet Dinner


Queso Chicken Pasta



Egg Casserole




Breakfast Burritos


King Ranch Chicken

I’m an Organizing Junkie is hosting Meal Plan Monday every week and I try to link up there as often as I can remember to–there are tons of bloggers that participate, so if you want some more ideas.. check it out!


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