Meal Plan {week of December 12th}


BUSY BUSY BUSY week–as you have probably guessed since it is now 11:23pm on MONDAY night and I typically have this posted 24 hours ago on SUNDAY night.  No time to chit chat- I have a few catch up posts in the works to be published post finals in the coming days- so keep an eye out for those if you are curious about our Christmas Tree, My CSI Experience at the Phoenix Crime Lab and a few other Geroux Crew happenings. Until then please chew on our meal plan to tide you over ;-)





Lasagna Soup—-This was PHENOMENAL!!!


Ranch House Crock Pot Pork Chops 

with Mock Garlic Mashed Potatoes


Monterey Chicken

green beans and maybe rice


Italian Turkey Sliders

Baked Fries and Fruit


Geroux Family Christmas
We will be having Italian and I will bring some garlic knots  and maybe a surprise dessert


Breakfast burritos


My mom will be here to make tamales all weekend ;-) My kitchen and stove will be highly busy but not for making meals to eat LOL So we are treating us all to dinner out.



Sugar Crusted Vanilla French Toast


Since the kitchen and stove will probably still be in use for the tamale making I am hoping my crockpot will be usable so will try to do Chicken Divan like this–but we will likely just eat tamales and this will role over to the next week LOL:

I’m an Organizing Junkie is hosting Meal Plan Monday every week and I try to link up there as often as I can remember to–there are tons of bloggers that participate, so if you want some more ideas.. check it out!

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