Meal Plan {week of Jan 30th, 2012}


Holy COW- this week we will enter FEBRUARY– F.E.B.R.U.A.R.Y people…were we NOT just trick or treating? Was I not just pinning adorable thanksgiving crafts? Good news is a lot of that stuff is versatile and can be switched to hearts instead of leaves or shamrocks instead of pumpkins– I WILL craft one day.

We had a fun weekend that included Connor taking 6th place out of 40 cars in his cub scout pack’s pinewood derby. His first ever pinewood derby and his little “caveman made” car actually stuck with all the fancy cars- the races were so close– within a 10th of a second!! *entire post about pinewood derby to come* I call it a caveman car because we do not own power saws and dremels etc. Connor and Jas attacked that block of wood with elbow grease, a hack saw, a flat head screw driver and a hammer…and it took 6th place!! Well done!

Reviews from last week: Most of it was stuff we have eaten before since it was my “use the pantry we are stretching the budget week.” I was lazy and bought the can of pillsbury pizza dough for our homemade pizza night and will never do that again…homemade dough is SOO much better, worth the little bit of effort and costs a ton less. The chicken cordon bleu pasta bake was AWESOME- I had worried about it since the week before I had come to terms with my general dislike of swiss cheese– but THIS recipe really married all of the favors nicely. I have transitioned most of my ground beef recipes to ground turkey and we ALl agree that we like them BETTER- so yay for that healthier option switch- it worked REALLY well in the dirty rice and the sloppy joes. I skipped the chicken and stuffing bake night and Tyler and I had pizza at his school fundrasier night (it was a reward for good school reports and an impromptu momma son “date) Jas and Connor helped out the scouts fundrasier. This was the 2nd week in a row that recipe got bumped so I am gonna recycle it back into the files for another time..something about it keeps me from making it so I will call uncle and try at another time.


BBQ Chicken in the slow cooker with sides

To Do: put ground turkey in fridge to thaw for Tuesday

Salsbury Steak (minus the mushrooms)–smashed taters and corn.

To do: overnight soak the beans for Wednesday!!


Homemade slow cooker “refried” bean burritos and quesadillas
I will blog and post how I do my beans- I can’t seem to find a recipe online that is similar.

Its GROUNDHOG DAY!! We will head over to Jason’s parents for our annual viewing of the famed flick and share some pizza.


Loaded Baked Potato Soup I will actually make this for lunch for Jason and I to munch on all day..

Kids Choice for the boys (I will have them try the soup but we are still introducing them to soups and since both of them have some texture sensitivities that we are working through I try to have a plan B when I make soups- this saves my sanity)


Oven Baked Ham and Cheese Sliders for Jason and I. Prob serve some tomato soup and fruit as well. I will make regular old g.c for the kids since this is an experiment recipe ;-)


SUPER BOWL PARTY!! Our small group from church is getting together pot luck style to enjoy the big game- I have signed up for drinks and some sort of awesome appetizer/snack thingy. I keep finding these Bacon wrapped Brown Sugar Smokies on Pinterest so may try those and something else a little less heart attack inducing as well like this gluten free pizza hummus

What are YOU having for dinner this week?
I’m an Organizing Junkie is hosting Meal Plan Monday every week and I try to link up there as often as I can remember to–there are tons of bloggers that participate, so if you want some more ideas.. check it out!


Meal Plan {week of Jan 30th, 2012} — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve seen the sandwiches floating around Pinterest….not a fan of miracle whip at all, but let me know how they turn out! Maybe a good one for super bowl!
    This is a hard week with J gone, so we will be eating easy.

    Monday- Split Pea Soup with bread (from the freezer)
    Tuesday- Garlic baked chicken with couscous and carrots
    Wednesday- breakfast! Pancakes, sausage and fruit salad
    Thursday- Bean burritos with salad (refried in the crockpot too!)
    Friday- leftovers
    Saturday- Slow cooker Parmesan Honey Pork Roast, mashed potatoes and salad.

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