Meal Plan { week of Feb. 6th}


What a week and fun weekend to cap it all off! I guess there was some sort of game on today? ;-) I kid! Our small group from church got together at our dear friend’s home to watch the game and commercials and gorge on wonderful food…you know the All American past time! Destiny is a wonderful cook and gracious hostess and they never fail to truly provide a lovely time.

I have a pretty busy week ahead of me- so its lucky that I have a meal plan and quite a bit of prep done for this week already–that’s right I moved my grocery shopping day and am already done! Read all about this shift and how I think it will help me become a more God honoring wife and mom here. I will be getting together with a girlfriend Monday afternoon to put some of these meals together as a team which should make the task that much more enjoyable ;-)

Reviews from last week: The BBQ chicken was decent=- nothing to write home about…a basic tangy bbq chicken done in the slow cooker so it was very little work—I did notice the left overs lingered untouched all week and will prob go to the dog, thats not a testament to this recipe..just our general blah feeling about bbq chicken. The salsbury steaks were TERRIFIC! I had never made them before, I used ground turkey and I even had success in thickening the gravy–this will most definitely be getting added in as a once a monther in our house! The beans got moved to this week and we did a smorgasbord of leftovers and freezer goodies like pizza rolls- I had forgotten to soak my beans the night before AND forgot to start them the morning of even with my handy reminders here on the meal plan…SIGH. The loaded baked potato soup was also a HUGE hit..Jason and I devoured the ENTIRE pot just the 2 of us in the same day *blush* We also really enjoyed the ham and cheese sliders–they were tangy and were just as good cold from the fridge for dinner later that same day as they were hot from the oven (in fact I may have liked them better cold) Had lots of compliments about the heart attack pills bacon wrapped smokies and I actually liked the homemade pizza hummus even though my blender sucks and I couldn’t get it very smooth. All in all a pretty decent week as far as hits and misses!







Black Bean Red Chili Sauce Enchiladas (will blog this recipe)


Chicken Fajitas


Sweet Chili (slow cooker) will blog this recipe this week


Sam’s Firestation Chicken- a recipe from my friends cookbook that we wanted to try out.

Leftover Buffet


Brinner with scrambled eggs and biscuits and sausage gravy


Homemade slow cooker “refried” bean burritos and quesadillas
I will blog and post how I do my beans- I can’t seem to find a recipe online that is similar.

What are YOU having for dinner this week?

I’m an Organizing Junkie is hosting Meal Plan Monday every week and I try to link up there as often as I can remember to–there are tons of bloggers that participate, so if you want some more ideas.. check it out!


Meal Plan { week of Feb. 6th} — 1 Comment

  1. We had a great time too, and the leftovers are part of my meal plan :)

    Monday- Baked Ham Mac & Cheese with Salad ( also making 2 quiche to freeze)
    Tuesday- leftover night (girl scouts)
    Wednesday – Frozen pizzas with cut up veggies
    Thursday- Creamy broccoli cheddar soup with crusty bread
    Friday- Parmesan Honey slow cooker pork roast, potatoes and sugar snap peas ( added this again since we did a date night last week)
    Saturday- date night, so leftovers for the girlies
    Sunday- sandwiches or grilled cheese…easy night for small group

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